Artist Statement

My work strives to portray the constant journey of escaping the set of cultural norms that hinder personal and societal growth. This body of work arises from parallels I see between my own experiences and those I have observed in American society.  I use body language to hone in on pivotal moments of both connection and detachment. Hard shapes combined with drawing-like brush strokes within the paintings represent the contrasts that are in all of us.  Acrylic paint, oil pastels, and both panel and canvas surfaces serve together in my work, creating new visual and emotional insights. Bold colors working together reflect my intention of inspiring fearless future choices that can mold a world not driven by ego or fear. My use of materials is always calculated to provoke the viewer to find their own interpretation of the piece. Unexpected avenues or twists are a constant part of life and represented in my work. 


Brigid studied Studio Art and Graphic Design at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio and Visual Communications at The School of the Art Institute in Chicago, Illinois. Brigid served as the Catalog Director at Leslie Hindman Auctioneers after receiving her B.A. in Studio Art. Brigid furthered her education with a PBACC from SAIC and moved to New York and worked for Lyn Peterson at Motif Designs. Brigid now works in NYC and continues to build a body of abstract and abstract figurative work. Her work is shown in galleries in Manhattan such as Vanderplas Gallery, Agora Gallery and the Con Artist Collective Gallery. She is a member of the global SeeMe art community and Woman Made Gallery in Chicago. Brigid participates in art fairs such as Miami Basel: Spectrum and Scope, and New York Expo. Her work has also been shown at Galleria De' Marchi in Bologna, Italy and is collected internationally.

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